February 14 birthday astrology aries

February 14 Birthday Astrology

Zodiac Signs That Should Never Date Each Other

This could involve higher education, the law, religion, spirituality, long-distance travel, a new career or business, or a new relationship. Your Aries horoscope is authentic because it is based on planetary transits to Aries Decan 1, not to houses, zones or sectors. January 10 to June 5 — The January 10 lunar eclipse brings your home, family and intimate relationships into sharper focus and could be emotionally challenging.

If you are a sensitive, timid person you need to protect yourself against bullies. If you are strong you need to protect more vulnerable family members and friends. This eclipse favors the powerful and wealthy. January 10 to March 9 — Jupiter square your decan pushes you out of your comfort zone to create opportunities for growth.

February 8 to March 4 — Jupiter sextile Neptune culminates on February 20 to bring harmony, optimism, good fortune, and growth.

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Your good intentions and moral integrity make this a good time for professional advancement, business deals, and legal matters. You can be generous and grow spiritually without giving away your material possessions. February 15 to 25 — Venus in your decan is one of the best times of your Aries horoscope for romance, socializing, asking for favors and borrowing money.

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Heightened beauty, charm and sex appeal make it more likely that you will find your perfect match if dating. Shopping, investing and decorating benefit from your good fashion sense and an eye for a bargain.

February 14 Zodiac - Complete Birthday Horoscope & Personality Profile

April 16 to 23 — Mercury in your decan is one of the best times of the year for sitting exams, applying for work and doing business. This is also one of the busiest times of the year but mental alertness and clear thinking help you communicate effectively. Socialize, make plans, book appointments, pay bills, bargain, and buy and sell. June 5 to July 5 — The June 5 lunar eclipse is not a good omen for strained relationships but strong relationships will withstand the test through patience and unconditional love. Increased emotional strength and intuition will help overcome any relationship challenges.

You will clearly see any relationship dynamics or negative feelings causing disharmony. July 5 to November 30 — The July 5 lunar eclipse gives truthfulness, devotion, and optimism, but also changeability, defiance, and resentment. Your home, family and intimate relationships may cause some tension because of differing needs and priorities. July 13 to August 7 — Mars in your decan gives the strength, courage and initiative to complete the hardest of tasks and start new projects.

July 24 to October 31 — Jupiter square your decan again sees a return of the growing pains from earlier in the year.

You can get lucky, popular and wealthy now. You can calculate your natal chart free online in this page. Then come back here and read the characteristics of your sign.

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You can also find your ascendant , you will discover your chinese sign , mayan sign , celtic sign and read the general horoscopes relating to day , week , month and new year. You can also discover what day of the week you were born. Meanwhile, here in the two tables that show the days on which the period begins and ends each of the 12 signs of the traditional zodiac.

The second also indicates if the sign is fixed, cardinal, mobile and to that element in nature belongs and so fire, earth, air, water. If you were born in January you are capricorn or aquarius.

noroi-jusatsu.info/wp-content/2020-09-10/2633-espionner-un-tlphone.php It is able to express all its power and its energy radiates in a positive way. The position of the planet Mars in Aries is favorable. Nothing comes to thwart the harmonious expression of its intrinsic qualities. According to the January and February horoscope of the natives of the astrological sign of Aries, the passage of Mars in their own House allows them to begin the New Year under very good auspices.

It is a cycle during which it is advisable to implement the good resolutions of the New Year , for example by giving his time each week for the most needy ones by engaging in a charity. During Mars in Aries, Aries feels the need to be more altruistic than he already is. His ego is favorably reinforced by his own generosity, even if his desire to help his neighbor must still remain his main motivation.


The transit of Mars in the 2nd House lasts until March 30, The Mars planet is then in a state of debility of Exile and its energy is strongly attenuated, because it is unbalanced in this House. The unfavorable position of the planet Mars in Taurus is a source of tension. This is clearly not the time to embark on new risky and speculative ventures. According to Aries' March horoscope , if the natives of Aries do not take their precautions, they risk losing money or making an investment that will prove uneconomic in the long run.

During the transit from Mars to Taurus, the wise Aries therefore has every interest in avoiding rushing on the buying opportunities shares, real estate which seem quite attractive, with beautiful promises of high profitability in the short term.

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The transit of Mars in the 3rd House lasts until May 14, The planet Mars in Gemini favors lively debates and rhetoric. For Aries, April is a good time to develop social relationships, meet new friends or fall in love. Planning a large family trip for the summer is also possible, preceded by a spiritual retreat, for example in one of the monasteries of the region of Darjeeling in the Indian Himalayas. For the natives of the astrological sign of Aries, it is a moment of tranquility during which it is possible to prepare effectively the coming months.

The transit of Mars in the 4th House lasts until June 30, The Mars planet is in a debilitated state of Fall. It is in a phase of momentum in the prospect of carrying out a new cycle. The unfavorable position of the planet Mars in Cancer prevents it from revealing its true nature. Its energy is attenuated and its power extinguished. We can not expect anything very positive from this delicate period during which the family fabric has to tighten up to face possible storms.

According to Aries' May and June horoscope , natives of the Aries astrological sign must expect to overcome an emotional barrier, be it within their couple, their family, or one of their parents.

Aries 2020 Horoscope

Aries Rat. Zodiac Astrology. Nancy [Reply] [Cancel reply]. Mark them on your calendar — these will be your best days. Aries Monkey. It also identifies with the intelligent nature of Aquarius natives.

During the period of March in Cancer, Aries has every interest in controlling the expression of his feelings, be patient and not get carried away by anger. The transit of Mars in the 5th House lasts until August 17, Even if the effects of this state of dignity are minor, they are nonetheless very positive. According to Aries' July and August horoscope , it is a fulfilling moment for the senses but also conducive to risk taking and impulsiveness.

It is best to avoid playing lotto or speculating on the stock market. Aries makes the most of the beneficial effects of Planetary Joy by spending as much time as possible at home. If he is married, the relations of Aries with his partner are harmonious. A birth can brighten even more the good mood of the home. For the Aries who is in a relationship recently, his sexuality is fulfilled and his couple, happy, looks to the future with confidence.

During transit from Mars to Leo, Aries is radiant to the point that he is able to spend lavishly to please himself and those he loves. It is preferable that he avoids being tempted by games of chance and enjoys his happiness in the simplicity and warmth of his home, with his family or with his close friends.

The transit of Mars in the 6th House lasts until October 3, The planet Mars in Virgo encourages vigilance. In view of the September horoscope of the zodiac sign of Aries , domestic problems and health hassles can not be ruled out. This is a dynamic period, during which Aries must carefully take care of the classification of his affairs and improve his personal organization. On a professional level, this is not the time to embark on a new project or to change jobs, but rather to improve one's daily life by devoting oneself to the tasks essential to the good functioning of the company accounting, storage, cleaning and decoration of the office.